How do you engage audiences of all ages and walks of life to start having conversations about end of life? By meeting your audience where they are, using a unique approach and being positive and upbeat. With the help of The Agar, a social intelligence agency, we embarked on a six-month campaign called, “Things You Shouldn’t Wait To Say”, in a major US city. The campaign had 3 different, complementary approaches: a grassroots sign campaign, a mobile tour, and an art gallery.

For four weeks, every weekday from 7am-9am and 4pm-6pm, people held up signs with meaningful messages and were seen at various intersections throughout town. The mysterious campaign intrigued the community, trended heavily in social media, and created quite a stir in the local news media.
The mobile tour was a month-long engagement that gave the community a direct tool to begin conversations with their loved ones, while educating everyone on starting end of life conversations. The Things You Shouldn’t Wait to Say Mobile Unit visited more than 12 summer events and popular venues. Equipped with white boards and video recording equipment, the mobile unit provided the opportunity for people to be proactive and record a 90 second video to share with their loved one. The videos were sent via email to the participant, who could go on to share with their loved one via email or social media.
An art gallery event was held to celebrate the success of the campaign. The event featured videos and photography highlighting all of the campaign components and continued to engage audiences to have end of life conversations. Some of the people who had recorded a video were interviewed for the story behind their words. These stories were told through visual storytelling of videos and photographs.