It Helps to Talk About
End of Life

The TALK is a face-to-face, heart-to-heart conversation with a loved one about end of life. The TALK—usually with a parent, spouse, or sibling— is that focused conversation that gives you both a safe space to think through and talk about difficult issues and scenarios well ahead of time.

We all have choices we need to make. We all have values we want to live by.

It can be awkward.
It is a tough topic.

That’s all the more reason to start the conversation early—before it’s urgent, or even impossible. Talking it over is the only way to really know a loved one’s wishes, and that eliminates guesswork and uncertainty down the road.

Have The Talk

Leads to a Plan

When you have a series of conversations about end of life, it leads to Advance Care Planning and establishing Advance Care Directives. Both serve as tools to give you, your loved one, and your family peace of mind. The tools will aid you in developing a plan that will be your guide through the hardest decisions.

And that is certainly worth a moment or two of awkwardness.


We have experience working with many people in Greater Cincinnati. We know THE TALK isn’t easy. But it’s a sign of caring, love, and respect. Time after time after time, we’ve seen the difference it can make.

So, HAVE THE TALK. We can help.

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